Human rights

The working group runs events promoting the culture of peace and human rights. Volunteers organize educational workshops in our camps and throughout the year discuss current events from a human rights perspective.

As part of the SCI and the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network – an international network of peace activists across Europe – we also work on an international level empowering young people to promote human rights, dignity, equality and respect of diversity.

A Peace Messenger munkacsoport hírei

02. 14.

Training opportunity- Tackling discrimination in everyday life

“From Small Steps to Big Changes: Tackling discrimination in everyday life” training course will be held at 12-18 April 2018 in Belgium. If you are ready to make change in your local environment ,work more
effectively and actively for a more inclusive and prejudice-free Europe, we await your application!

07. 11.

Change for Media – Media For Change

MAGYAR RÉSZTVEVŐKET KERESÜNK! Szeretnél megtanulni videót készíteni? Multikulti közegben kreatívnak lenni, más fiatalokkal együtt dolgozni? Eltölteni 9 napot egy gyönyörű környezetben? 18 és 25 között vagy, és elboldogulsz angolul? Jelentkezz ifjúsági cserénkre! Change for Media – Media For Change 18-27