02. 14.

Új tréning lehetőség – Tackling discrimination in everyday life

“From Small Steps to Big Changes: Tackling discrimination in everyday life” training course will be held at 12-18 April 2018 in Belgium. If you are ready to make change in your local environment ,work more
effectively and actively for a more inclusive and prejudice-free Europe, we await your application!

12. 13.

Participate at a tool fair! Non-formal education for a global perspective

Exchange non-formal education tools concering the topic global education. Test, vary, evaluate and share new methods on 8-13 February in Vienna!

09. 20.

Jelentkezni ér ha érdekel a Gender téma :)

Free to be You and Me: courage and tools to create peace and safety for young people of all genders and sexualities

05. 29.

Tréning lehetőség: mentoring from A to Z

A nem formális eszközöket használó tréning alatt megismerheted a mentorálás alapjait; különös tekintettel a különböző kultúrákból érkező hosszú távú önkéntesek mentorálására.

05. 29.

Tréninglehetőség: Gender Equality and Migration

The project focuses on the different forms of hate speech currently taking place toward migrant women, women with migratory backgrounds and/or coming from migrant families.