02. 14.

Új tréning lehetőség – Tackling discrimination in everyday life

“From Small Steps to Big Changes: Tackling discrimination in everyday life” training course will be held at 12-18 April 2018 in Belgium. If you are ready to make change in your local environment ,work more
effectively and actively for a more inclusive and prejudice-free Europe, we await your application!

12. 13.

Participate at a tool fair! Non-formal education for a global perspective

Exchange non-formal education tools concering the topic global education. Test, vary, evaluate and share new methods on 8-13 February in Vienna!

10. 28.

Solidarity Architects; Youth deconstructing the walls of exclusion

Call for participants for a Youth Exchange!!! (Deadline 28.10.2017) The project will be realized through two activities: -Youth Exchange I: 19.11.2017 – 27.11.2017 in Hütten, Germany -Youth Exchange II: April 2018 in Serbia This project will tackle the topic of

09. 20.

Jelentkezni ér ha érdekel a Gender téma :)

Free to be You and Me: courage and tools to create peace and safety for young people of all genders and sexualities

09. 18.

EVS at the Asylum Centers in Valais, Switzerland

The Asylum Office of the canton of Valais provides several centers in the region, where asylum seekers live, work and get education during the time they wait for their decision for a stay permit.