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Communication 4 Integration

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International Youth Exchange

1st-9 th of August in Karsakiskis, Lithuania

In today’s world, groups of people being forced to leave their homes and to integrate into local communities within hosting countries. There are various reasons for leaving: military conflicts, environmental cataclysms, temporary territorial annexation and other. After arriving to new countries and communities refugees are facing a lot of difficulties when trying to integrate. This is very vivid on the media and social media. We are speaking from our own experiences of living firsts years in Ireland as refugees (four of us in the group that created this project, came to Ireland as refugees). We know what is to feel intimidated in school, in the youth center and sports events. But we also know that after getting to speak properly to people insecurities vanishes, and thanks to young people that welcomed us we feel at home in Ireland. We released that the majority of people around us are actually curious about our life experiences and culture. When we discussed what helped us in those first years in Ireland, we came to conclusions that having communication skills and being able to engage in activities with local young people where the biggest factors. That is why we want to create this project with other young people form Europe and our personal experiences motivating us. We want to create communities where people live together in peace and harmony. As Bill Withers would put it “We all need somebody to lean on, I just might have a problem that you’d understand”.

The main aim of this youth exchange is to support the successful integration of young refugees and migrants through raising awareness and active youth participation. Our specific objectives are:

  • To provide safe space and welcoming environment for young people to engage in inter-cultural dialogue;
  • To equip young people with communication and leaderships skills, so they can become an active change makes in their local communities;
  • To create visual and audio messages (videos, music, spoke word pieces, photos ect.) thats rises awareness of refugee and migrant youth issues, supports inclusion, cultural diversity and solidarity;
  • To guide young people through creating personal ‘step by step’ plans for helping young refugees and migrants in their communities.

As a result of taking part in the youth exchange ‘Communication4Integration’ participants will gain the knowledge about:

  • What does it mean to live as a refugee or as a migrant;
  • Refugee youth situation in participating countries;
  • The ways that young people can support integration of refugee and migrant youth in their communities;
  • Different cultures and participating countries;
  • Social media platforms and No Hate Speech Movement;
  • Erasmus+ program (youth exchanges and also EVS).

Participants will gain skills of active listening; verbal and non-verbal communication; public speaking; leadership; facilitation; making presentations; planning and preparation of personal action-plans; using social media to rise awareness; creative self-expression; critical discussion and decision making, reaching agreements with peers; using English language to express themselves; reflecting on personal learning and naming it. As participants’ awareness and understanding of different cultures, countries and democracy practices will be raised, so is attitude to support inclusion of minorities. They will become active change makers in their local communities and advocates for young refugees and migrants. Furthermore, through personal development of participants we will improve their employability and a sense of European citizenship and European identity.

Participating countries: Ireland, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey, Hungary and Greece

Participants Profile

We are looking for highly motivated young people (age18-25) who are interested in the topic and want to improve the situation of migrant and refugee youth in their communities. We are targeting young volunteer, youth leaders and students on placements who work directly with refugees and migrants and/ or in the related youth work field; young people that are passionate to help others and also are interested in their own personal development. We keep in mind one of Eurobug’s aims: inclusion of minority groups and people that are considered to be with fewer opportunities which includes cultural differences, social obstacles, educational difficulties, disability, economic obstacle, refugees and geographical obstacles.

Venue and accomodation

APV and International Youth Exchange will take place in Dainiaus Country House. All participants and group leaders will be accommodated in the bedrooms of 4 people. We intend to accommodate all participants and group leaders in the same sex rooms (female with female and male with male) but it depends on the gender balance after participants’ selection.

Food will be prepared according to the diet requirements as indicated in the participants application form (3 main meals a day+2 coffee breaks).

Dainiaus Country House is situated beside the river in a beautiful forest and has sauna which we have booked for 1 night.

Please note the internet access is limited (it will be available, but quite slow).

The small local village shop is about 1 km (15 min. walk) away from the country house.