EVS at the Asylum Centers in Valais, Switzerland


Jelentkezés: címre, angol nyelvű önéletrajz és motivációs levél beküldésével, legkorábbi kezdési idő megjelölésével, legkésőbb 2017. szeptember 28-ig.

Az önkéntes szolgálat várható ideje: 2017. október 1-2018. július 31.


The Asylum Office of the canton of Valais provides several centers in the region, where asylum seekers live, work and get education during the time they wait for their decision for a stay permit. The Asylum Office will host 2 additional EVS volunteers as the centers received a lot of new unexpected new refugees recently.

The volunteers will work in the centers of Ardon, Préjeux or Sanaval, all close to the city of Sion, where 4 other international EVS volunteers already work for the center since March.

Your work will include working with minor refugees. This can involve entertainment and organisation of activities for unaccompanied minor refugees. You will also support the registration office, where refugees new to the center arrive and get registered. Other tasks can include accompanying refugees (adults as well) to appointments (i.e. with doctor / administrations), helping with childcare; support some administrative work and organizing events for the refugees.

Accommodation: The volunteers will live in a shared apartment close or in Sion itself (outside the asylum centers).


As this EVS is limited to 10 months it’s important that you already speak a fair level of French to join this French spoken project. There will be a possibility to improve your French in a language class as well, but a fair level is necessary in order to be able to help out in the center from the very beginning due to this special situation.

As asylum seekers often suffer(ed) from very stressful experiences, the volunteer mustn’t be racist or xenophobe in any kind of way. A criminal background check is obligatory. Candidates with experience in the described activities above will have an advantage in the selection process.

Please notice, that this position can be demanding psychologically and include special working hours.