How can I join?

Do you want to come into our office and join our programmes?

You can join volunteering and our programmes in Útilapu without an official membership or without paying any fees. Follow our events on our Facebook page! Any of our programmes are free to join anytime! (Contribution in cookies are always welcome.)


Do you want to volunteer abroad (camps, trainings or EVS)?

In this case it is necessary to be an official member of Útilapu. You can become an official member by paying a membership fee. You can read more here.


Do you want to become an active member of one of our working groups?

If your primary goal is to join our community here, become an active member of our organisation, voluntarily offer your knowledge, experience, and free time to enrich yourself and Útilapu, you are welcomed anytime and for free.

We recommend browsing our webpage or writing to the leader of the workcamp or sending us a message on Facebook first to get to know our work. As a next step, come to our events, which are posted both on the webpage and Facebook. On these occasions, there is always an opportunity to freely talk to our active volunteers.

How much time, energy, and commitment you can devote is up to you. Our active volunteers are people working full-time and university students.