About us

Útilapu Hálózat is the Hungarian partner of Service Civil International (SCI), which is a humanitarian volunteer organisation with 100 years of history.


Our organisation consists of young volunteers who believe that we can achieve a world, which is governed by sustainable development, mutual respect for each other and for other cultures, and non-violence through education and tutoring.

Our core values are volunteering, non-violence, human rights, solidarity, respect for the environment, acceptance, empowerment, and cooperation.


Útilapu was founded in 1993 by a group of passionate young people who had also participated in foreign camps and thought to bring the opportunity to Hungary as well. Since then, with our help, more than a hundred volunteers go to foreign camps all around the world and return with an unforgettable experience in each summer.


Our main activity is organizing two or three-week-long voluntary work camps, aiming to draw the participants’ attention to various social and environmental problems. We would like to motivate them to continue being society’s responsible participants even after the camp. The result of our hard work is that now in many disadvantaged areas we are considered as returning participants. Besides the material results (e.g. restoring playgrounds and common areas), our work also has a community development role.


We also provide an opportunity for long-term international volunteering. During the year, our work groups work for various causes. Our programmes are open for everyone and we provide tools for accomplishing incredible ideas.


All this means that even You can choose from many opportunities, depending on where and how you would like to positively influence the world and help people.


Let’s shape the world together!