Membership fee, becoming a volunteer


Do you want to come to our office and join our programmes?

You can join volunteering and our programmes in Útilapu without an official membership or without paying any fees. Any of our programmes are free to join anytime! (Contribution in cookies are always welcomed.)


Do you want to volunteer abroad (camps, trainings or EVS)?

In this case it is necessary to be an official member of Útilapu. You can become an official member by paying a membership fee. You can read more here.


Do you want to become an active member of one of our working groups?

If your primary goal is to join our community here, become an active member of our organisation, and voluntarily offer your knowledge, experience, and free time to enrich both yourself and Útilapu, you are welcome anytime and for free.

We recommend browsing our webpage or writing to the leader of the workcamp or sending us a message on Facebook first to get to know our work. As a next step, come to our events, which are posted both on the webpage and Facebook. On these occasions, there is always an opportunity to freely talk to our active volunteers.

How much time, energy, and commitment you can devote is up to you. Our active volunteers are people working full-time and university students.


The membership fee is 15,000 HUF which gives you the possibility to attend one foreign camp or training. The registration fee for the second and for additional workcamps is 7,500 HUF. For trainings and youth exchange, there is no fee.

Reduced membership fee of 1,500 HUF can be requested by volunteers who participated in at least three monthly meetings and have the recommendation of one of the work group leaders (this can be requested after approximately 30 hours of volunteering). From them, we will ask for a 7,500 HUF registration fee in case of a second workcamp application within one calendar year.


A membership can be activated for one year. The membership is always counted as a calendar year from 1st January (or from the day of the application) until 31st December


Why is it good to have a membership?

  • as a member, you can vote on meetings and have a voice in the cases of Útilapu, you can choose board members or vote for the next president or vice president or you can even apply for these positions,
  • we can only offer work camps, trainings, or youth exchanges for people with an active membership,
  • with the memberships, you can be among the first ones to hear about new trainings and youth exchange programmes.

How can I become a member?

You should forward your registration for a camp or a training and after paying the membership fee, you automatically become a member. If you want to pay the reduced membership fee, write an email to  .


How can I apply for the reduced membership fee?

  • Participation in minimum 3 monthly meetings in the last 12 months
  • Recommendation of a work group leader: you can ask your work group’s leader (or if you are volunteering on an organisation level, turn directly to the presidency)
  • the work group leaders can give a recommendation after 30 hours of volunteering: sign the volunteering contract in the beginning and make sure to sign the attendance sheet at each event as well!
  • We will count the following into the 30 hours: your activity in any of our work groups, help on events organized by Útilapu but not connected to any work group events, contribution to the organisation’s work, and camp or youth exchange leadership. Workcamps and trainings cannot be counted. The 30-hour-period is counted from the last 2 years.
  • Write an email to utilapu. with the subject “membership”
  • You can participate in any number of ERASMUS + trainings with the reduced membership fee but if you want to go to more camps, the registration fee of 7,500 HUF will be asked every time.


I can participate in any number of trainings during the year after paying only 1,500 HUF?

Yes, you can. We also want the volunteers of Útilapu to use all the possibilities and bring back the knowledge to Útilapu.


How does the organisation use the membership fees?

The membership fees are entirely used for operating the organisation (paying the bills, replacing tools) or for the organization cost of camps in Hungary. Therefore, by paying the membership fee, you can also help Útilapu to continue its more than 20-year-long work.