EVS a Vöröskeresztnél – Pesaro, Olaszország

Voluntary opportunity at Red Cross

Önkéntesség Olaszországban

Magyar önkéntest keres a helyi Vöröskereszt Pesaro, Olaszországba.


From 2/11/17 to 1/9/18 OR from 4/12/17 to 2/10/18


The volunteer can take part to the activities organised by the local Red Cross in 6 different areas, as support staff of local Red Cross volunteers and professionals:

  • Social and cultural entertainment activities in rest homes for elderly people
  • Food distribution activities: On daily basis will take part to distribution of food to the poor families, in cooperation with the Municipality of Pesaro, in a long term perspective of personal support.
  • Information and awareness campaigns: meetings with students and organising prevention and intervention workshops about different topics and issues (first aid, drug and alcohol abuse, prevention of diseases…)
  • Press office support: support in the realisation of media products, information press campaigns, to spread the values and activities realised by Red Cross.
  • Fundraising office support: support in the fundraising campaigns preparation and realisation, as the annual charity event.

For the complete call and more info: https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/project/2937_en

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