Tábor élmények- Kecskemét SOS Gyermekfalu


Being my first workcamp I really had no expectations about what the next 10 days would be like. Mainly I wanted to volunteer and have a good time while meeting new people and their cultures. The work consisted mainly of preparing the house to which some of the kids from the association (SOS Children’s Village) would move in to. It was never long (about 3 hours in the morning), sometimes harder work such as shoveling or gardening but also creative work, such as decorating the house. The main point is – it never felt too much. We were working as a team, always learning new words in different languages or listening (and sometimes dancing) to music. In the afternoon there was the part that made me feel like I wasn’t really volunteering (because they were giving us so much in return). We visited the city of Kecskemét were we were staying, lake Balaton – the biggest in Hungary and absolutely beautiful, we went horseback riding, canoeing, sailing and to a nearby water park and learned about 3D printing. The food and accommodation were also excellent. Finally, as you should save the best for last – the people. The group of volunteers was diverse and motivated and most of the local kids, despite the big language barrier, made a real effort to welcome us. It was the kind of experience that makes you really sad to go home when it ends but one of the best in my life and 10 days I will sure never forget!

(Thank you!)