Nemzetközi önkéntes lehetőség Angliában (EVS 9 hónap)


1 magyar vagy Magyarországon letelepedett önkéntes számára tudunk helyet biztosítani erre az Angliában megvalósuló nemzetközi önkéntes projektre, melybe a nyár során kell bekapcsolódni 9 hónap időtartamra.

Plymouth Hope was started in 2008 as a football club aimed at providing football activities to refugees and indigenous population living in the poorest areas of the city. Using football as a tool for community and social cohesion was its main focus and continued to be until in 2013: the organisation expanded to other sport-based community projects and youth work. From there our renewed vision became to continue to do what we were good at and also focus on supporting young people as well as engaging in work overseas using the same principles. The organisation has been widely recognised for its unique work of building bridges between communities and changing the race relations in Devon and Cornwall in the sporting and voluntary sector. Plymouth Hope has gone from a small community project to one of the most reputable organisations in the city. We now run the most diverse and multicultural events where participation is over 2000 per event.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Plymouth Hope can arrange either host families stay or rented accommodation. Volunteers will be collecting their pocket money as agreed, on weekly or monthly basis. PH will support the volunteers with opening a bank account if needed. Where a volunteer doesn’t have a bank account, PH will consider giving them allowance in cash on a weekly basis to reduce any risks associated with cash handling of large sums. PH will take all the necessary steps to ensure the volunteer safety and positive integration at work and in the wider community.

Training during the project

Volunteers will be provided with an end of volunteering certificate. All other training provided come with certificates, specifically the volunteers will be able to attend training in first aid, coaching football and sport and roles, and understanding of functions and purpose of statutory and non-statutory agencies in the field of refugees.

Volunteer profile

We are looking for young people of all genders with strong interpersonal and communication skills, a good understanding and empathy towards vulnerable groups, including refugees, asylum-seekers and people from deprived areas. Volunteers should be committed to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices and the promotion of diversity. The ideal applicant would have an avid interest in football and sport in general. We welcome some experience in leading groups or any experience of coaching football or sport to any groups/ages/genders (although we will provide full training for this).

How to apply

Before applying, contact your sending organisation for further guidance by . To apply send us your CV and tailored cover letter highlighting your motivation to take part in this project. We will follow up with a Skype call.

Additional information

The volunteer roles will be conducted both in an office environment as well as outreach work. PH will liaise with volunteers to help them organise their week in advance. Some of the activities take place over the week-end and volunteers will be given time off in lieu. The role is in support of the project staff. Example tasks: Assisting in planning and delivering training for under-14s and -18s teams at schools or community centres; Peer support for individuals or groups; Help organising the Football Festival and Family Fun Day; Support in developing projects for young local refugees.

Participants with fewer opportunities

  •  This organisation has additional mentoring or other support suitable for young people with social obstacles, educational difficulties, cultural differences or similar.
  •  Other experience, infrastructure and resources:

The partners in this project all work directly or indirectly for the inclusion of people facing isolation or discrimination in society, and they have the ability, expertise and willingness to welcome in their work also EVS volunteers experiencing inequality or fewer opportunities in their lives.

Jelentkezni angol nyelvű motivációs levéllel és önéletrajzzal az címen Takács Pankánál tudsz.

Jelentkezési határidő: 2018. június 22.

A projekt már az Európai Unió által elfogadott és támogatott, tehát mindenképpen megvalósul. Ha 18 és 30 év között vagy és szeretnél egy felejthetetlen, soha vissza nem térő élmény részese lenni, ne habozz! A program támogatja az utazásod, szállásod és étkezésed, illetve havi zsebpénzt biztosít.

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