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Our bank account number: 16200223-10084234 Magnet Bank

Even your 1% would give us plenty of chances to continue making the world better in many different ways!

Why Útilapu?

  • Versatile help: As you know, one of the biggest advantages of Útilapu is that it provides diverse help in social, cultural and environmental protection areas, during which both people in need and volunteers develop.
  • Mutually beneficial: With Útilapu, our volunteers have the opportunity for personal development, acquire new skills, and gain lifelong experiences and new friends. With their voluntary work, they make a social investment, support social relations between different cultures, social integration and communities in need.
  • Varied: Nature and environmental protection activities; renovation; working with children, disabled people, disadvantaged people, refugees or various cultural events. With your donation, you can also contribute to the success of our volunteer recruiting and camp organizing activities, and thus to the treatment of many social problems!
  • International and domestic: In addition to international support, we don’t forget to help less fortunate people in our country: since 1993, we have organized more than 200 camps, mainly in disadvantaged micro-regions, in cooperation with numerous child protection institutions for 10 years, with the involvement of more than 3,500 Hungarian and international volunteers.
  • The future is in the hands of the children: Up until now, we have dealt with the support of disadvantaged children through a number of projects, which we intend to continue. Through programs brought to life by Útilapu, children can acquire knowledge that they would not be able to experience otherwise.
  • An essential part of our financial resources: Even the smallest donation is a huge help – a volunteer camp provides an unforgettable two weeks for a whole home’s worth of children, provides an incentive to learn English and shows an example of love for work; our other camps make the everyday life of entire villages more beautiful by renewing the environment. Our volunteers invest their free time, experience and enthusiasm in these two-week camps, and Útilapu provides the training and travel of the camp organizers and leaders.
  • Only your donation can already cover the travel of one or two camp leaders, i.e. it already half ensures the realization of the camp.
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